Author of speculative fiction

Character profiles

Jez Solokov

Occupation: Pilot

Skills: Flying; gambling; physical dexterity; fistfighting

Weapon of choice: heat gun; fists

Most likely to get into trouble for: mouthing off to her superiors; cheating at tokens; getting drunk; getting into fights; insubordination; ignoring instructions; talking too much; goofing off

Arrested for: smuggling

Tae Bezdominkov
Lev Antov
Masha Volkova
Ysbel Kovak

Occupation: Government analyst

Skills: photographic memory; intelligence; strategy

Weapon of choice: knowledge

Most likely to get into trouble for: insubordination

Arrested for: accessing classified information

Occupation: Techy

Skills: hacking; tech repair; mechanics; writing code

Weapon of choice: his com

Most likely to get into trouble for: unauthorized hacking

Arrested for: sabotaging and destroying Vadim Dulik's entire tech empire

Occupation: Weapons designer; explosives expert

Skills: weapons design and creation; explosives; sharpshooter

Weapon of choice: explosive gel (her own invention)

Most likely to get into trouble for: blowing something up

Arrested for: blowing up a shuttle station and killing thirty-five people

Occupation: government bureaucrat

Skills: planning; charisma; manipulation; disguise

Weapon of choice: heat pistol

Most likely to get into trouble for: N/A

Arrested for: prides herself on never having been arrested