Author of speculative fiction

the singularity

1. redshift

It appears out of nowhere—one moment the sky is empty, the next, there’s a rent in the fabric of space itself. And nothing in the system will ever be the same.

The singularity series

2. the observer effect

They've made it through the portal. Now they have to survive what they find on the other side ...

3. uncertainty principle

Between hostile aliens politics and hungry alien predators, the Joias System diplomatic corps—and all of humanity—is in deadly peril.

4. quantum entanglement

Two hundred human refugees are about to be slaughtered. There’s an assassin on the loose. And an alien leadership war has just broken out, with humans at the centre of it. The day just keeps getting better …

5. Event horizon

They’re trapped in the middle of an alien war—and their only hope of salvation is from the most unlikely of sources.

6. point singularity

When the human and alien worlds finally collide, it’s anyone’s guess if there will be survivors.


Ani, or the care and feeding of your great tree-dwelling venomous tentacled land-devil

Watching the hatching of a great tree-dwelling venomous tentacled land-devil has been field-scientist Aran Romeu’s dream for as long as he can remember. And if land-devils are the most dangerous creatures known to humankind, and this whole thing might be a set-up from someone who wants to kill him, and there’s a very good chance neither he nor his research assistant and best friend Istvay will come out of this alive … well, he and Istvay have never let something like that stop them before.